Friday, 19 September 2014

Attention Seeking Craft Machines.

Does anyone else out there have a problem with their Craft Machines, Tools and Equipment, being attention seeking.  I decided to do something different today, ignoring the copics for most of the day.  Well I was happy, but my copics and other craft supplies started yelling at me for attention.  Well they will have to wait for today.

I have been doing a lot of Card Sketching.  I have never been organised before, being quite new to all this stuff.  There for I tended to colour, cut and assemble things to go onto cards with no forthought of colours, trims, shaped, sizes etc..  Today I got all organised and done some planning.

I also had reason to get organised.  When I started all this "Cardmaking", it was really only for friends and family.  Then I just got bored and wanted to create a bit more challenging crafts.  I have a lot of equipment, machines, tools, supplies, the list goes on, and really couldn't find a use for it all, which was disappointing.  I then gave a "Thank You" card to the hard working Post Mistress at my little village sub-post office.  She liked it and we had a chat and decided to try and sell some.  Naturally not everything sells straight away, but I try to keep the selection very diverse so that there is something for everyone.  The only problem is that people really don't send many cards these days, but I realised the ones that are sent are the special occasions, such as Birth, Death, Marriage and of course engagement.  Anniversary does get a look in now and then as well.  So having realised this that is what I am concentrating on at the moment.  I have really a head start on my Christmas cards, up to about 18 now, need around 33-35 and although there are still a few birthday cards left this year, I am ahead with those as well.

These are just the start of the above mentioned celebrations I intend to concentrate on next, using all my machines and mediums.