Sunday, 21 September 2014

The delights of Persistance.

I have been a bit obsessed with Skin and Hair colouring lately.  I had so many pics all coloured with Skin and Hair but nothing else.  I finally got around to giving them clothes and background etc, but still trying to put them all into cards.  I did achieve a few cards this weekend though.

My skin and hair obsession started with my purchase of Alyce Keegans "Skin and Hair Classes".  I was a bit wary at first and then thought it was all beyond me, but persistance pays off.  I am still no artist or expert by any means, but I am very impressed with the way my colouring is starting to pop off the page and my Skin and Hair is beginning to look real.

Alyce Keegan has other Classes available at the following website. 

These are a few cards I put together this weekend, so many digi's all ready coloured to make into cards that I will have a busy week. 

This on is called "Unforgetable Moments" from

Another favourite Digi Producer of mine is
Mo's Digital Pencil.  Here is an example of the lovely digi's.  

This one is also a "Mo's Digital Pencil" Digi Stamp.

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