Friday, 4 March 2016

Update time - Kit and Clowder Create and Learn.

It is so long since I updated this blog that I have lost track of posts.  I know that I have not given you any news of Kit and Clowder,  Create and Learn monthly classes. Here are some updates of images that have been covered in the monthly classes. So much to learn.

These photo's are taken from the August Create and Learn Class.  As you can see we learned so much from this class, ice walls, snow, brickwork.  The Ice picture is from the Markers class, I use Copics, the Brick wall in from the Pencils Class, I used Polychromo Pencils.

These next two images are from October Create and Learn.  Just in time for Halloween.  Here we learned the glow for the latern, wooden posts, misty moonlight and the golden fence and gate.  The Graveyard scene is coloured with Polychromo Pencils and the Witch with Lantern was coloured with Copics.