Monday, 20 October 2014


I recently took a couple of colouring classes.  The first was the "Pleats and Folds" classes from Make it Crafty, the second was the "Skin and Hair" Classes by Alyce Keegan at Kit and Clowder.  The results are getting better and I am very happy with my progress, colouring progress that is.  I found myself with 30+ images, all nicely coloured but needing to go onto cards.  So that is what I have been doing, making up cards with all the lovely images.  Here are the results of my hard work.

This one I names "Beach Huts".  The Digi Stamp is from "The Paper Shelter" and called "Summer Holidays".

 This one was made for a family member.  I just love the teenage girls from "Make It Crafty".  This one is called "Felicity"

I just love all the Christmas Digi's. This is "Boy With a Gift" from "Make it Crafty"

Nothing cuter than all the Christmas Sprites and Elves at "Make it Crafty".  This is one of my favourites, if I could choose, as there are so many favourites.  "Candy Elf"

Another Birthday in my Family.  This one is named "Cheeky Joey" from "Artbymiran"  I love the faces and eyes on these cute digi's.

I love these ladies from "Mo's Digital Pencil"  This one is "Little Umbrella" at Beach Catchin Rays and Waves.

Just for something different to break the pattern.  This lovely design is from "Bird Cards" and was free to use.

"Elf Delivery" is another of those cutie Elves from "Make it Crafty"

This was a free Digi from Kit and Clowder Facebook Group.  I am sorry to say that I cannot remember where the digi originated at the moment.  I will have to do a search and find out to add details later.  It was given out "free" in support of Breast Cancer as the picture depicts.

Another beautiful sumnmer digi from "The Paper Shelter"  This is called "Sunny Days"

"Girl With a Gift" is another Christmas Digi from "Make it Crafty"  the range of digital stamps at Make it Crafty is so vast, it is always difficult to choose which ones to buy next.

"Hip Hop Courtney" is another of "Make it Crafty"  digi stamps.  Her Name is "Urban Courtney" See what I mean the selection is endless.

"Urban Kiesha" yes you guessed, "Make it Crafty"

"Rocky"  another "Make it Crafty"

Every child wishes they could catch santa on Christmas Ever, eating the special Cookies, baked with love and expectation.  This beautiful scene is called "An Unexpected Meeting"  by "The Paper Shelter"  another winning Christmas digi.

"Gloria at the Pool" is another of "Mo's Digital Pencil" fabulous Ladies

The babies at "Mo's Digital Pencil" are another of my favourites.  They are so realistic when coloured.  This is the "Twins"

Another FREE digi.  This time it was from Rick St.Dennis range.  This one was given out as a challenge.  (I didn't win).

"Zippy" is his name, lets hope he is very zippy with helping Santa get everything ready for Christmas.  Another "Make it Crafty" favourite.

"The Snow Elf" from "Make it Crafty" is a bit cheeky, I am not sure whether the the other elves like playing snowman.

I really must make a promise to myself, not to let my stash get more than 5-6 images before I make them into cards.  This was really a challenge to finish all these cards, take pics and edit, ad watermarks.  Then all have to be uploaded onto this blog before posting on relavant Facebook pages to show progress on classes.  LOL, I never do things by halves.