Sunday, 12 April 2015

Exciting New Class "Create and Learn" at Kit and Clowder

Pencils Monthly "Create and Learn" class at Kit and Clowder.
Such great projects, learning to colour the backgrounds, as well as create the background.

Create and Learn, with Kit and Clowder and the lovely Alyce Keegan.

These monthly classes are a complete project from image too background.  There is so much to learn from each one.  They come in Pencils class for those who prefer to use color pencils or if you prefer Marker, such as Copic, Spectrum Noir etc.  there is a class for those as well.
I also indulged in the technique classes.  These cover, Skin and Hair, Clothing-Pleats and folds, and the Animal coloring technique class.  I learned so much from these classes that I am now coloring and hanging pictures on my wall.  The classes have also given me an insight to what sort of "drawing" I would like to venture into, the classes have allowed me to understand what my "talent" and "flow" are best applied to.

Onto August Create and Learn

This Create and Learn Class for August - Markers was covering and Ice Wall.
There was also a free Background Handbook, with video, Part 1.

I loved this new Octavia Frosted Winter - Penguins, so much I used the Ice Wall from the class.
 This image is from The Create and Learn Class - Brick wall - Pencils.

This is a image of the July Markers "Create and Learn" class.

Technique-Still water, ripples, rainbow and reflection.

Create and Learn June Projects.

 This is the finished image for the class.
 Technique-Grass, flowers, rolling clouds

 This beautiful "Red Panda
" is the Pencils project in the June "Create and Learn"

Here is the May Create and Learn Project for Markers.  Such lovely techniques to be learned

Octavia Friends from Polkadoodles - coloured with Polychromo Pencils

Octavia Friends from Pookadoodles
Coloured with Copics

Here is the image for the April, monthly "Create and Learn Class" at "Kit and Clowder".  The digi is "Octavia Moonfly Unicorn".  I really enjoyed learning to colour more professional backgrounds and "Octavia Moonfly" is one of my favourite Polka Doodles collections.

Hello again all.  Today I am not adding any new images, even though I have a few to post up here.  Today I am going to rave about Alyce Keegan's new Classes over at Kit and Clowder.  I have completed all of the technique classes and a few project classes, but this new class is even more exciting.  It is a monthly subscription class and has too much to explain, better you go and have a look for yourself.  

If you have ever thought of improving your colouring skills, this is the place to be.  I have watched hundreds of FREE video and Youtube, but nothing compares to Alyce Keegans classes.  I wish now I hadn't wasted the months of FREE video learning little and getting confused with all the different opinions and style.  I leared it all it just a few months with Alyce Keegan and Kit and Clowder.

Even if you have never thought of colouring, but have an artistic yearn that needs filling, Kit and Clowder is the place to go.  I just wanted to colour images on hand made cards.  Now, although I still enjoy card making, the colouring classes have led me onto greater things.  I am taking some drawing lessons and my aim for the future is to produce Framed Art Work.  This was only a long lost dream until I discovered Kit and Clowder with Alyce Keegan and the wonderful group of Clowdies.

It really would be worth your while to take a peek at all that is on offer.

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